Number1 is governed by the planet Sun. The Sun symbolizes beginning of a new day, creation, vigour, vitality, originality and brilliance. It represents an assertive, individualistic and proud nature. It influences our intellectual power. It makes us masculine, authoritative, powerful, witty, extroverted, cooperative to friends and non-cooperative to enemies.


All those are born on the 1st, 10th,19th or 28th of any moth are governed by number 1. This is known as their Ruling Number / Fate Number / Psychic Number.


Being the possessors of good physic and vitality, they are capable of doing hard labour. They are broadminded and therefore, free from envy, malice and grudge against others. They are honest and truthful and make the right decisions at right time. These positive traits of their characters help them excel in career. They deliver hard labour to reach to the top and most of the time do so.

They are active, energetic, enthusiastic, artful and full of originality and brilliance. They are individualistic and unique in nature, though they have adaptability to some extent (They are willing to change their decisions only if they are convinced by others with enough good reasons to do so). They are self-motivated and self-reliant. As they are governed by Sun, they are blessed with intellectual pursuit and strong willpower. Naturally they are associated with learning, education, marketing and teachings or training. Their incessant passion for working alone and their highly creative bent of mind, generally make them dictatorial as well as able to invent problem solving strategies on their own. Due to their leadership quality they are well suited to working in big organizations and sometimes rise to the top of it.

Since they are very much intuitive, they have a quick grasp of any subject but they hardly dive into the depth of it. They are religious but not fanatic or obsessed with prejudices. They are very much cheerful and optimistic. Their positive approach to life helps them to cope up all the unprecedented ups and downs of life with courage. Their reliability and dependability are unquestionable. They dislike pretence, hypocrisy, flattery, false pride and egotism. They are generous and charitable too, and always crave for appreciation and recognition for their services, but hardly get any response from the beneficiaries (particularly in the case of relatives). They are fond of lavish life style and prodigal in terms of spending money on those they like or love.

They are fortunate to obtain financial benefits from their relatives such as parents, parents-in-law, spouse, etc. They generally become successful in service or business after 46th year. The most favourable years of their life are between thirty-five and forty-nine.


They are spendthrift. They spend money unwisely by buying expensive gifts for others only in hope of being praised or being appreciated. Their lavish lifestyle and prodigal nature sometimes bring financial discomfort in their lives.

They dislike criticism but like to criticize others. They are eager to help others only when they are given attention and recognition.

Their erratic tendencies bring in unprecedented upsets and disputes in their business and sometimes run the risk of losing a job or a position.

Being freedom seekers, they know no restraint and therefore, can not tolerate any kind of interference in their life. It is quite difficult to persuade them to change their conviction, demeanour, decision, or opinion.

If they fail to reach the top or to be successful, they become depressed, irritated, upset and most of the time highly pessimistic.


The single whole number obtained from the addition of the date, month, and year of birth is known as Destiny Number / Fadic Number. Destiny number is more important than psychic number or name number. It is because psyche is free to think, expect, and desire, but destiny can not be affected or influenced by any such emotions. It brings only what one deserves.

For example, Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889. So, his destiny number is:

4+1+6+1+8+8+9 = 37 = (3+7) = 10 = (1+0) = 1

Persons with destiny number 1 are really very lucky. They are benefited from other’s hard work. They become popular and get importance in their own circle without much effort. They are favoured with strong mind and strong body. They are born leaders. They are able to see the future clearly and plan accordingly. They are clever, always smiling, attractive, and draw attention. Success always stands at their doorstep and they get it effortlessly. They become successful between thirty-five to forty-nine years of age. They are fortunate enough to get money unexpectedly and spend it with ease. They are materialistic, logical, and intellectual.

They are known for their self-control, tolerance, patience, perseverance, devotion, leadership, and teaching abilities, etc. As teachers (sometimes as religious gurus) they are clear, precise, to the point; and they adhere to truth.

They are idealistic, jovial, considerate, cooperative, and quick in making judgments. Although they are right most of the time, but sometimes (especially in the months of October, November and December) they can make mistakes. Though they get disappointed after such mistakes, they become more tolerant after that.

They are not very romantic; they are unfortunate in matters of love and marriage. They are born with a missionary spirit and have a purpose in life.

As political leaders they always plan to improve the living conditions of the poor; as writers they are scholarly and are awarded for their original, pioneering topics. As businessmen they are able to save enough in the form of properties and bank deposits to secure their future. Therefore, they like to devote themselves to the welfare of humanity. Professions they should consider are marketing, advertising, teaching, engineering, and aviation.


They should always think of their budget twice before spending money for buying expensive things, lending money, and also in time of investing in business. They are advised neither to take risk in money matters nor to make any hasty judgement.

They should not be so ambitious, reckless, bossy or dictatorial. They should not boast of their positions as well as their possessions.

They must try hard to learn the art of cutting clothes according to their clothes.

They must try not to live in a premises where the house number adds up to 4 or 8. They must use copper in any form on their body or work table.


They are prone to the ailments of their circulatory system, and suffer from high blood pressure in old age. They must do exercise daily to improve blood circulation. Since their temperament is bile dominated, they should avoid oily food, meat and every kind of junk food. They are advised to dine early in the evening (as early as possible). They should control their grief, anger, worries and physical exertion so that their bile won’t get aggravated. They may intake powdered pearls to keep their body chemistry alkaline. Fasting all day on Sunday and eating salt-free food before sunset is considered to be beneficial for them. They must learn to relax and rest.


They are very lucky in terms of earning money. They earn good enough to maintain their showing off tendencies in life. They have temptations for gambling and if not restrained in time, they end up being great loser in the end.


Days between 21 March and 28 April and 20 July and 20 August are best for new ventures, investments, new contracts etc.


During October, November and December (as in these moths the Sun starts losing strength). They should refrain from excessive interaction with the members of the opposite sex during these months. Remain cautious and enough judgemental before investing in business as well as starting any new business venture. They are likely to suffer from financial losses, have unnecessary worries, be punished for casual mistakes, and earn disrepute or dishonour.


Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays are favourable, especially if they are born on these days. 1st, 10th,19th or 28th of any moth are most favourable. Besides these dates, 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st are considered to be lucky for them.


Important years of their life are: 1, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73 etc. To get first job, to own a house, to get married or any other important events take place in these years.


All shades of Orange, yellow, copper and golden are suitable colours to be used in any form (dress, ornaments, handkerchief, home decoration etc).


Friendly Numbers


Enemy Numbers


Neutral Numbers


Number of Exaltation


Favourable Day


Favourable Colour


Age of Peak Influence

22 – 24

Harmonious Years

1, 2, 4, 7

Compatible Numbers for Business

1, 4, 8, 9

Compatible Numbers for Marriage

1, 2, 4, 8, 9


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