In COMPREHENSIVE COURSE, Enable e-learn focuses on the fundamental requirements of students in every possible methods to cope up their syllabus in an affordable price. We believe if students seriously go through this system, they will undoubtedly do better in their board as well as school examinations. Our faculties would try to cover all the aspects of their syllabus meticulously by delivering detailed audio discussion on each and every chapters, brief introduction to the authors / poets  of the respective chapters and finally probable questions and their suitable answers so that students can learn the chapters thoroughly and perform better in their examinations. Faculties will also upload their valuable discussion in audio format on the common errors of the students in detail (especially the errors they make in writing sections) so that they could rectify their mistakes by listening to the audios again and again. Besides all the facilities here students will get some added facilities. Student can upload their worksheets to be thoroughly checked by our faculties.  Students in this course, will be entitled to upload their individual doubts in Students forum and therfore, their individual doubt will be cleared by our faculties in Reply section of the forum. Moreover, students can upload their original creative writings in our e-mag section to be published in our website page to be read and judged or criticised by his/her readers. 

COMPREHENSIVE COURSE  offers the following services to the students

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