About Us

About Us:

Decades ago, the concept of e-learning was a fashion in India. But with the passage of time so-called technological advancement made e-learning a necessity. Almost all the traditional platforms of teaching are lagging behind, being considered as conservative routes, and thus new generation students, as well as parents, like to choose the e-learning platform for studies. We hope this inertia will definitely add fuel to the global movement of GO GREEN.

The hectic busy schedule of the present-day students made us feel that they get desperately fatigued every day after attending their back-to-back scheduled tuition classes. Moreover, we realized that they generally have to waste two to three hours per day due to traveling only to attend their tuition classes. Such wastage of precious hours is too crucial for them to afford. Another important aspect is that in any case, if the student misses the class, he/she won’t get the opportunity to listen to the discussion ever. Last but not the least, most of the time students cannot get to their preferred faculties due to the constraints of time and mostly due to distance. Keeping all these conditions in mind we set up the online platform, named ENABLE E-LEARN (URL: www.enableelearn.com), to cater the utmost service to the students at their convenience for their desired success in academics.